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Aruba Beaches


bulletAruba Beaches
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Aruba Beaches

Aruba's beaches are the delight of vacationers that flock to this paradise island again and again. Aruba is a friendly country located north of Venezuela and near Curacao and Bonaire. Some call them the ABC Islands. Aruba is an independent country with close ties to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Most of the Caribbean beaches are located on the west side of the island where the waters are calm and protected from the winds and extreme surf. The beaches are mainly quiet although there are some exceptions that I will mention on this page. There are numerous beaches on Aruba and I will describe the most important of them.

bulletBaby Beach - This beach is one of the exceptions for Aruba's Exotic Beaches, since it is not as quiet as the others. It is located on the easternmost tip of the island about a mile from Colorado Point Lighthouse. It features white powdered sand and warm waters. You'll find here many huts for shade as well as many grape trees.

The shallow waters and the gentle waves makes this beach an ideal place for Family Vacations because the children will have a great time without the parents having to worry much for them. This beach is also popular for plain swimming and snorkeling.

bulletEagle Beach - This a real quiet white sand beach that stretches for several miles, surrounded by calm clear waters. It is easily accessible and features many hotels along the beach just across the street.

On this beach you may enjoy many of the Caribbean sports that are offered by local rental equipment agencies. It is a paradise for snorkeling. The beach is popular with tourists and sometimes is a little crowded.

The balance on this beach however is great, because you are near the towns but not near enough to be disturbed. This beach is located on Aruba's western coast near the town of Nord. La Cabana All Suite Beach Resort & Casino is located here. Other nearby hotels is Bucuti Beach Resort, Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa among others.

bulletHadicuri Beach - This is a white sand beach, the waters are shallow for swimming. There are huts providing shade along the coast. It is located on the northwestern coast of the island near Palm Beach, so you can visit the town as an option.

The area is known by its great Windsurfing and it attracts many competitors and sports enthusiasts. Beginners can start learning about windsurfing here because they have all thefacilities for teaching.

bulletManchebo Beach - This is Aruba's largest beach and one of the island's topless beaches. It is a laid back and quiet beach with its own personality. It is secluded and at the same time near the towns so you won't miss anything.

The waters here are rough. That's good news because it is not so crowded. You'll enjoy less noise and a relaxed atmosphere. Because it's a topless beach, it more geared to singles and couples, than to families.

bulletPalm Beach - It is located in the center of the tourist area and several important hotels are lined nearby. Palm Beach is a long stretch of white sand and many palm trees for shade to protect you from the sun.

The landmark hotel here is the Marriott Aruba Surf Club. Other nearby hotels are the Marriott Aruba Ocean Club, Aruba Grand Beach Resort & Casino, Radisson Aruba Resort & Casino, Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort & Casino.

bulletArashi Beach - This beach is located at the northwestern tip of the island near the lighthouse and Boca Catalina Beach. Both beaches are perfect for great caribbean snorkeling.


bulletRodgers Beach - This beach has rough surf. It is located near Baby Beach and has many shaded areas and some shower and dressing facilities. It is located near the town of San Nicolas on the southeastern tip of the island. The shallow waters are protected by coral reefs. Snorkeling is very popular in these shallow waters.

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Fantastic Palm Beach Aruba

By Nagib Georges Araman

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Share this article on FacebookShare this article on TwitterShare this article on Google+The Caribbean island of Aruba is known for its spectacular coastline, and Eagle Beach is most definitely its most famous sandy strip. This beach is frequently visited not only for its turquoise waters and white sand but also for its water sports. But if you are looking for a beach more ideal for swimming, then head out to the west side of the island and you will find the gorgeous two-mile long Palm Beach.

With its powdery sugar white sand and blue colored water, it is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. And because there are fewer wakeboarders and jet skis around, you will be more comfortable swimming in a wide space. Palm Beach is a smooth-looking sandy stretch with no random rocks lying around. It is a perfect spot to sunbathe and people watch. The section closest to the shore is shallow, but as you go farther, it goes a bit deeper.

While Eagle Beach is Aruba's low-rise area; Palm Beach is considered to be the "high-rise" one. This is where you can find some of the most luxurious hotels, time-shares and 5-star resorts in the area. Some of these upscale accommodation options include the Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort & Casino, The Radisson Aruba Resort, Hotel Riu Palace Aruba and the Aruba Marriot Resort. If you decide to be a guest in one of these fancy joints, be ready to be pampered with their top-notch service and amenities. But even if you are not staying in one of these hotels, the beach is always open for everybody. Some establishments even allow visitors to change in their lobby bathrooms and buy snacks from their concession stands and bars.

Palm Beach has become a favorite among visiting families not only for its calm waters; but because of its children-friendly atmosphere. Here, the tourist office offers activities, events, discounts and freebies to young children. Many of the hotels and resorts on Palm Beach also provide baby-sitting services and kids programs to keep the little ones busy so parents can spend some time enjoying adult tours and dinner dates.

If you want to spend some of the hottest time somewhere other than the wide open beach, make your way to the attractions nearby Palm Beach. One of them is the protected natural area called Bubali Bird Sanctuary. The other popular spot that will surely delight families is the Butterfly Farm.

And after spending a memorable day at Palm Beach, don't be in a hurry to leave! Walk barefooted along its lovely coastline during sunset, and you will never forget its captivating beauty. Because of the presence of luxury hotels and entertainment spots, you know that the nightlife at Palm Beach is never dull. Try out your luck at the various chic casinos or shop at the two largest shopping malls in Aruba, which are quite close to Palm Beach. You also do not need to travel far to look for world-class restaurants and exciting bars. So when the evening sets in at Palm Beach, go for a nice candle lit dinner, order your favorite drink and mingle with fellow travelers - a fitting end to a fantastic day in this quintessential Caribbean attraction.

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Snorkeling at Arashi Beach

By Brian Ramsey

Arashi Beach is on the northern end of the island with a beautiful view of the California lighthouse, so it is very easy to combine visiting the lighthouse with an afternoon at the beach. While spending time at this beach the one thing that you will definitely need is a large beach umbrella.  There are several thatch roofed huts along the beach but these are quickly taken so a beach umbrella is required. The sun is fierce and the rays reflect off the powdery white sand so you want shade. Fortunately beach umbrellas and lounge chairs are available for rental. There is a beach bar providing drinks and meals and an open car park.




Most persons snorkel within the roped off area immediately off the beach but the largest congregation of fish and therefore the best snorkeling is in the open area to the left of the beach bar and outside the roped off area. Here there are the larger rocks and coral outcrops that the fish congregate around. If you are fortunate like the writer you may see barracuda, small grouper, octopus in addition to the usual Caribbean reef fish. The water at Arashi is very calm with hardly a wave. The water depth is shallow, sufficient to swim and snorkel but allowing you to stand at any time. 


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