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Bahamas Beaches


The Absolute Best Bahamas Beach Reviews
A Guide to the Beaches of the Bahamas
Exuma Beaches - Paradise Found!



The Absolute Best Bahamas Beach Reviews

Ester Napoli

Dreaming of that long awaited vacation in the beautiful Bahamas but not quite sure where to go? The many fabulous beaches in the Bahamas are unique, except for two things: they share common: breath-taking views and warm tropical breezes. Check out the following Bahamas beach reviews for some of the best and most popular beaches where tourists worldwide flock to for a little peace and/or just plain fun.

Bahamas Beach Reviews

Cabbage Beach: If you are looking for that party vacation in the sun, Cabbage Beach is the place for you! Located on the northern side of Paradise Island, it is 3 km long. Its powder-white sand and turquoise water attract sunbathers who stretch out for some quiet time after last evening's wining and dining. The Casinos at Cabbage Beach draw many tourists each year, but so do the various water sports such as water skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Tourists interested in the historical aspect of the island can visit the world-famous statues in the nearby Versailles Gardens, some of which date as far back as the 12th-Century. Although Cabbage Beach tends to attract large crowds, a little stretch of shoreline at the northwestern end called Paradise Beach is much quieter. This beautiful part of the coast is lined with palms, sea grapes, and casuarinas.

Cable Beach: World-renowned for its crystal clear water and spectacular white sand, Cable Beach on New Providence Island attracts a myriad of tourists each year. The beach was unnamed until 1907; when it became the chosen point for the Trans-Atlantic cable that would connect Bahamas to mainland America. The beach boasts 6.5 km of natural beauty, and promises a delightful escape from the usual. Several exciting water activities are available, as well as delicious fare offered in the many restaurants. Bars, casinos, and shops are close by.

Stocking Island: In the Exumas, just off Elizabeth Harbour, lie the breathtaking and peaceful white beaches of Stocking Island, which can be easily reached by boat. The beach facing Elizabeth Harbour has calm waters and activities including volleyball, the Chat 'N' Chill restaurant and a counter to buy fresh conch salad. Over the hill and across a shallow pool of water lies a beautiful wide beach with open waters. The beach is framed by sandy hills providing privacy and is usually deserted anyway. It is a big contrast to the calm shallow waters of Elizabth harbour. Snorkelers and divers are lured to the island's spectacular natural coral gardens, undersea caves and famous "blue holes." Nature's enthusiasts can relish the vast array of wildlife that abounds in the Exumas - watch plover birds, lizards, land crabs, and meet the rare Bahamian Hutia.

Cat Island's Beach: A pristine white sandy beach lined with coconut palms, casuarinas trees and palmettos - need I say more? Secluded and tranquil, it caters to sunbathers, cat-nappers, book lovers, and peace-seekers. Located near Old Bight, the beach provides no facilities, so you should bring everything you might need with you. What it does provide though is a memorable, tropical escape not easily found anywhere else in the Carribean.

Whether you are planning your first trip to the Bahamas, or you have already been there, and been so captivated by the island's powder-white beaches, beautiful landscapes, and enticing crystal waters that you are planning a return visit, have no doubt that you will always cherish the unforgettable experience of The Bahamas beaches.

Ester Napoli: The Bahamas is a paradise on earth. I enjoy all aspects of the Bahamas; the culture, the history, the countless sports and activities to keep you busy, and of course, the fabulous weather. Read more about Bahamas Real Estate by visiting the website:



A Guide to the Beaches of the Bahamas
By Orson Johnson 

While many countries around the world boast of gorgeous beaches with all the trimmings, islands tend to have that special je ne sais quoi. The islands of the Bahamas call to romantics, sun worshipers and water sport enthusiasts alike.

Paradise Island is where the action is, out on a pristine beach stretching for three miles-Cabbage Beach. The areas near the huge, uber popular resorts are often teaming with life or covered with party animals catching up on their rest after a wild night of partying. On the northwestern side, Paradise Beach, which can only be accessed by boat or on foot, is far more isolated. The beach is lined with swaying palm trees, casuarinas and sea grapes, as well as charming thatched huts. This is also a good place for celebrity spotting; however, this sometimes impedes access for the general public unless you, too, are a guest of the Atlantis Resort.

Cable Beach, out on New Providence Island, is also a vibrant, lively beach in close proximity to shops, casinos, restaurants and bars. Beachcombers can opt to participate in water sports off the shore of this four mile stretch. Grand Bahama Island offers up to 60 miles of sand and surf for the intrepid beach explorer. Here, Xanadu Beach is very popular for its proximity to resort hotels that often provide a shuttle service to the beach.

For those who would prefer to get away from the crowds and enjoy a quiet ocean view sunset with their sweethearts or picnic in privacy with their families, Tahiti Beach provides the perfect backdrop. Located at the end of Elbow Cay Island, the isolated beach can only be reached on foot, by chartered boat, or by riding a rented bike through sand and gravel pathways.

Saddle Cay in the Exumas can only be reached by boat. It is completely untouched by modern amenities and features many interesting cays and islets.

For a break away from the endless stretches of white sand, take a trek down the Pink Sands Beach on the east side of Harbour Island. The three mile long beach is dotted by small hotels and private villas and has a lovely coral reef, making the waters very safe for swimming.

Snorkellers and divers should head out to Stocking Island in the Exumas. Located near George Town, it offers a fair amount of privacy and has a number of 'blue holes', coral gardens and undersea caves that can be explored.

About the Author

Orson Johnson writes for Holiday Velvet, a website providing Bahamas vacation accommodation and Vacation Rentals.

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Exuma Beaches - Paradise Found!
By Amanda Smith-Barrett

When it comes to beautiful, breath-taking beaches, the Exumas offer some of the most beautiful shores on earth. Exuma beaches boast miles upon miles of pristine, white, sandy shores and the gentle waters lap at your feet in a veritable kaleidoscope of electric blues and sparkling jades. Because of Exuma's sub-tropical climate, the temperature of the water is always ideal for a dip, a sail, or any other favourite water activity.

Tropic of Cancer Beach

The Tropic of Cancer beach (or Pelican Beach) is located in the eastern region near Williams Town on Little Exuma. Famous for its seclusion and pretty sights, this beach got its name from its geographical location. The Tropic of Cancer, the invisible line that delineates the northern sector of the tropics, runs right through it. It is the longest beach on the island, stretching one and a half miles long. It is superb for walking, swimming, and snorkelling. Kayaks are also available for those adventurous types who wish to do a little exploring on nearby islands. Tiki huts and palm trees dot the shorelines, adding to that distinct tropical feel, which will have you thirsting for mini-umbrella laden beverages and losing yourself in the sultry island atmosphere.

Stocking Island

Stocking Island lies approximately one mile offshore from Great Exuma and is home to some of the best beaches and ocean views in the area. On this island is one of the more active Exuma beaches nicknamed Hamburger Beach or Volleyball Beach and it is not too difficult to figure out how it got its name. This beach is frequented by avid boaters during the cruising season who enjoy dropping anchor there to cook up some tasty, succulent hamburgers and play spirited games of volleyball. It is only a 10-minute boat ride from the docks at George Town. Visitors to this island's sandy shores can have a relaxing repast at the local Bahamian daytime bar & grill, the Chill and Chat, or grab a quick snack on the go at the P&P Hamburger stand. Also on Stocking Island, is the Silver Palms Beach, where visitors can enjoy snorkelling among the many reefs or hop along to the Turtle Lagoon for some bonefishing and kayaking. Many will visit this particular beach to pursue underwater adventures, exploring Mystery Cave and the Blue Hole (a site once explored by the famed Mr. Jacques Cousteau.) Exuma beaches in this area are hotspots for keen surfers and the shores are rich in interesting and exotic seashells.

Other Exuma Beaches

Located just down the hill from Oceania Properties is a gorgeous secluded three-mile beach. Stroll along the wide sandy beach to the sound of breaking ocean waves. This beach is ideal if you are looking to be alone with the elements.

Coco Plum Beach near Rolleville is another tropical paradise. At low tide, it is possible to walk out into the ocean for miles stuffing your pockets with sand dollars and other ocean riches. Visit the secluded and quiet shores of the North beaches on Staniel Cay to marvel at the dunes and sea oats. The North Beaches also are also exceptional for diving as they have spectacular reefs located just offshore. The beaches of Shroud Cay are quiet, secluded, and abundant with mangroves. Shroud Cay is actually an archipelago or cluster of tiny islands and perfect for intricate kayaking trips. Whether you enjoy beaches bustling with activity or prefer total seclusion, Exuma beaches can offer you serene waters, gorgeous sandbars, vivid Atlantic panoramas and a chance to experience complete tropical bliss.

Amanda Smith-Barrett is the author of numerous articles for concerning the Bahamas and has her finger on the pulse of new and exciting opportunities that arise in the area. By exploring current trends, traditions, and the Bahamian lifestyle, she was uncovered several fresh, exhilarating activities and events native to the region. See Oceania Properties Bahamas Real Estate for more information.

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