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Barbados has a long history as a Caribbean holiday destination with even the American president, George Washington, visiting Barbados for a vacation. Barbados is the most easterly island in the Caribbean, being almost off to the side of the Caribbean island chain, with the Atlantic ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other side. Given its location, this 21 mile by 14 mile, 166 square mile island is renowned for its stunning beaches. For the beach lover there is a wealth of sea side recreational activities. There are coral shore beaches with stunning white sand that lead to a blue-green sea. The offshore coral reefs that produce those spectacular white sand beaches also provide excellent snorkelling and scuba diving for the vacation traveller who wants outdoor water activity. If your preference is for outdoor recreation fun above the waves, Barbados has some of the best surfing in the Caribbean, with Bathsheba on the east coast being a world famous surfing location. Other water sports such as Kite boarding and wind surfing are also popular in Barbados. For those whose outdoor sea side recreation preference is fishing, Barbados has excellent deep sea fishing with wahoo, dolphin and marlin being popular targets.

Outdoor recreational activities in Barbados are not confined to the beach. Both close to the beach and further inland one can find numerous activities that add to the enjoyment of a Caribbean holiday. One of the places to visit in Barbados that is close to the beach is Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary. Located on the south coast just across from the beach, this sanctuary is a bird watching treasure. Barbados long history of colonisation has left it with many places of interest. There are historic Jacobean Mansions built in the 1600’s, a Jewish Synagogue, the national cannon collection, old churches, old sugar mills, old signal stations and many other built attractions.

Nature lovers will find many things to do in Barbados, from visiting beautiful botanical gardens to wildlife reserves. The coral geology of Barbados has left it with a vast array of caves. The best known and most visited of these underground caverns is Harrison’s Cave that has a host of stalactites and stalagmites, cascading pools and pristine streams. Welchman Hally Gully was a cave that was part of the Harrison's Cave network until the roof collapsed, now you can stroll through a densely wooded gully where monkeys chatter high in the trees. For those seeking more active outdoor adventure on their Barbados holiday you can have a day of fun on one of the island’s Horseback Trail Rides through the rugged outback and on the beaches or spend the day hiking.

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