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Diving_without_a_Boat? Experience it in Curacao

Want to experience diving in a different way? Then go to Curacao! Do you know that there you can dive without the need for a boat? Yes, unlike the other diving spots in the world, in Curacao you don’t have to worry about a cattle boat. You can just walk to a diving spot, and dive from there. How is this possible?

This uniqueness of diving in Curacao is because of the characteristics of the sea floor of Curacao. It drops off very steeply just over a few hundred feet from the shore, also known by the locals as "blue edge". This is the reason why a boat is not needed. However, there are diving spots in other parts of Curacao that can only be reached by boat. For instance off the southern coast of the island, the water is remarkably calm, which is very much the opposite of the northern coast; strong currents, rocky shoreline and lack of beaches. Even though it is dangerous for diving and swimming, experienced divers often go there because of the beauty of the underwater life.

There are several diving locations to choose from in Curacao. The most frequented are the Airplane wreck; the name speaks for itself, Barracuda Point (where you can find lots of good sized barracuda) Basora, Piedra Pretu, Boka Grandi, Playa Mansaliña, Mike's Place & Playa Largu, Diver's Leap & Piedra Sombre (where you can swim with dolphins), and the Superior Producer; one of the top Curacao diving locations and one of the finest ship wrecks in the Caribbean.

What makes Curacao great for divers is their protected marine life. Their government takes steps to ensure the natural beauty of the diving spot is preserved. They impose some restrictions to make sure this can be carried out. Spear fishing and breaking or removing shell or coral is strictly prohibited.

As such, you can see different kinds of marine animals, like the manta, sting and spotted eagle rays, through its clear underwater visibility. There also are sea turtles, squids, and octopus if you want to see one. And if you want to be up close with dolphins, there is a dolphin academy where you will get the chance to interact, dive, or swim with dolphins.

Curacao diving is surely an exciting adventure. For most water lovers, Curacao is one of the great places to be when it comes to diving. So go ahead and book that Curacao vacation!

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