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Dominica is not your average tropical Caribbean holiday destination. If your idea of a perfect Caribbean vacation is sitting on a white sandy beach sipping margaritas, there are other islands that provide that experience for a holiday. If your enjoyment on a vacation comes from experiencing outdoor recreational activity then Dominica is the place for you. Sitting midway in the eastern Caribbean between Martinique and Guadeloupe, Dominica is an outdoor enthusiast's vacation destination.

Dominica’s small population of 70,000 people is mainly situated around the capital Roseau leaving most of the country covered with rich thick tropical rainforest. The island’s volcanic origin has given it numerous rivers, streams, waterfalls and high mountain lakes. It has also given it extensive geothermal activity, mineral rich hot springs, steaming valleys and boiling lakes. All of which create the perfect setting for outdoor vacation adventure. The opportunities for hiking are numerous in this Caribbean destination. There is also exceptional bird watching and the ability to explore a pristine rain forest. The island’s Morne Trois Pitons National Park was the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the eastern Caribbean. You will find Dominica full of many places of interest. The island is one of the few in the Caribbean that still has populations of the pre-Columbian Carib Indians so a Dominica holiday gives you the opportunity to interact in their village with the descendants of the indigenous Carib Indians who were the original settlers of the Caribbean.

Outdoor recreational activities do not stop on the land in Dominica. The volcano that created the island also gave rise to undersea volcanic formations and rich marine life that create conditions for exceptional scuba diving, snorkelling plus whale and dolphin watching.

If you are looking for a Caribbean vacation with numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation activities, consider Dominica.

Dominica Weather - Best and Worst Months to Go

By Scott Bateman

Dominica has a lush and beautiful landscape filled with waterfalls and rain forest hikes.

But it got that way because it is one of the rainiest islands in the Caribbean.

Dominica weather is wet year round. As a result, the island is one of the best eco tourism destinations in the region.

It is not a place to go to lay out on the beach every day. But it is a popular eastern Caribbean cruise stop because of the many natural attractions the island has to offer.

Average Rainfall

The Caribbean hurricane season hits Dominica just as much if not more than other islands in the region.

Hurricane season officially starts June 1 and ends Nov. 30, but it reaches the peak months in September, October and sometimes November.

For many islands, getting four to five inches of rain in a single month is above average. For Dominica, that level is well below average.

The island receives an average of more than eight inches of rain a month. It exceeds 10 inches a month from August through November with November exceeding more than 14 inches.

That makes November the worst time of year to go followed by October and September. But at least the hotel and resort prices will be lower for anyone willing to take a risk.

Dominica weather in February and April have the lowest levels of rain at a little more than four inches each.

March has somewhat higher rainfall at about five inches total.


Unlike the rain, temperatures are highly predictable.

The average high temperatures range from the low 80s Fahrenheit in winter months to the mid 80s from spring through the fall.

The average low temperatures, which take place mainly at night, are comfortable as well.

They range from the low 70s in the winter to the mid 70s for the remainder of the year.

Best Months to Go

Dominica is more popular as a cruise stop than a place to go for a week or more.

Because of the hurricane season, few cruise ships visit the island during the fall months.

Anyone planning a cruise trip will find that February through April are the best times to go for a combination of low rainfall and warm temperatures.

Dominica weather in April is ideal for anyone wanting to visit for a full week or more to enjoy the waterfalls, rain forests and other eco tourism attractions along with warmer temperatures.

You can learn more about the outdoor activities on our other Dominica pages.

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