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Costa Rica Surfing

Surfing in Nosara, Costa Rica

By Greg Garner 

Nosara, Costa Rica has long been considered a top surfing destination among surfing enthusiasts. The beaches are extremely clean and almost never crowded which adds to the ideal surfing climate, along with the great waves, of course. In fact, the breaks here; from point breaks to lefts, rights and peaks are unparalleled in all the world. It is really a kind of surfer's paradise in the middle of paradise, itself. The relaxed lifestyle, stable economy and low cost of living are enticing many people to make Nosara, Costa Rica their home.

Where to Surf?

Playa Guiones is probably the ideal surfing destination in Nosara, Costa Rica. You may get even better waves at Playa Ostional, but the sharp rock formations, heavy shark population due to the large numbers of turtles that nest there and blistering hot black sand beaches make it less than hospitable for surfers. Guiones is ideal with its pink sandy beaches and multiple peaks both left and right and ideal beach breaks. Travelling to the hottest surfing locations in Nosara is no easy feat since there are very few paved roads, but according to surfing aficionados, it is well worth it even if you have to walk a certain distance to get there.

When to Surf?

Nosara, Costa Rica has an exceptionally long surf season from October to May with the most ideal surfing happening between December and April each year. This allows for a great deal of flexibility if you are looking to plan the ideal surfing vacation. The best time of day to surf in Nosara, Costa Rica is just like in California-in the morning. If you are serious about your surfing, you will want to forego overdoing the wild nightlife and get to bed at a decent hour so you can get up early enough to catch the early morning waves at Guiones.

Planning a Trip to Nosara

You will need to check with the airlines about getting to Costa Rica. Be sure to check with the airlines regarding their policies for carrying your board. From there you will have to rent a car to drive to Nosara. Keep in mind that few roads are paved and it will be a rough ride. Make sure you bring your own soft racks and straps because rental cars in Costa Rica aren't usually equipped with them. Surfing in Nosara, Costa Rica is the trip of a lifetime for anyone who is serious about surfing.

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