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Beaches of St Kitts
The biggest draw in the Caribbean always has been - and probably always will be - the beaches. Much like the most popular islands in the region, St. Kitts has enough fantastic beaches to keep any family busy. However, St. Kitts' beaches also demonstrate a remarkable natural diversity that is unmatched anywhere else in the Caribbean. From the black, volcanic sands of the Atlantic shores to the expansive stretches of white sand near the island's best resorts, St. Kitts truly has the perfect beach for any activity.

One of the most popular beaches on St. Kitts is located at Friars Bay. On the south side of the bay, plush sand faces the peaceful Caribbean Sea. Both local and visiting families gather here to enjoy the sunshine, play in the water and snack on the food and drink available along the sand. Though the atmosphere on the southern end of Friars Bay is usually pretty lively, families will still find plenty of space to relax, while the water offshore is safe and warm year-round. Surfers and those looking for a more windswept beach experience will want to visit the north end of Friars Bay where the rockier shore meets the majestic Atlantic Ocean.

Many of St. Kitts best resorts are located near the southern end of Frigate Bay and its incredible beaches. Much like the Caribbean side of Friars Bay, the southern end of Frigate Bay is a popular destination for swimming and water sports. At night, Frigate Bay is also one of the best places to find the exciting party atmosphere that has made the Caribbean such a popular destination. The north end of Frigate Bay is equally as beautiful as the Atlantic side of Friars Bay, but generally experiences more peaceful conditions. On most days, swimming and relaxing are the activities of choice here, while surfing is possible in some parts.

Visitors looking for an exotic beach experience will want to visit Turtle Beach and Banana Bay on the southeastern end of the island. Home to little else beyond a charming beach bar and some precocious vervet monkeys, Turtle Beach is one of the best spots on the island to enjoy a peaceful swim and watch the sunset. Likewise, Banana Bay offers visitors seclusion, sunshine and perfect sand for picnicking or sunbathing. Though these beaches are far from most resorts on St. Kitts, they are still easy to reach by taxi or rental car.

One of the strangest beaches on St. Kitts is the stretch of black sand known as Dieppe Bay Beach. Sheltered by a large coral reef, the water at Dieppe Bay is remarkably calm and perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Just offshore, visitors can catch a glimpse of numerous species of tropical fish, while sunbathers can enjoy the sunshine and the swaying palm trees overhead. The unique volcanic and coral sand beaches continue along the Atlantic shore to Conaree Beach, the most popular beach on the Atlantic side and a great site for bodysurfing and other adventurous water sports. Snorkelers and scuba divers will also want to visit the beach at White House Bay, home to a beautifully preserved coral reef, an incredible array of underwater creatures and the popular tugboat wreck dive.

Two of the most romantic, white sand beaches on St. Kitts are located at Sandy Bank and Turtle Bay. Though located on the Atlantic side of the island, the conditions at Sandy Bank are generally very calm, allowing visitors to bath in the warm waters and take barefoot strolls through the soft sand. Not to be confused with Turtle Beach on the southeastern end of the island, the beach at Turtle Bay is located adjacent to Sandy Bank and known for its seclusion and gorgeous Caribbean atmosphere.

If you want to enjoy some of the best beaches in the Caribbean while admiring incredible natural diversity, St. Kitts should be at the top of your list.

Justin Burch writes articles about travel in St Kitts for the Marriott Resorts.

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Frigate_Bay: St. Kitts Liveliest Beach Destination

By : Justin Burch

Each year, tourists in St. Kitts, after experiencing everything the island has to offer, return to one destination over and over – Frigate Bay. By day, the Frigate Bay area exemplifies the relaxed Caribbean atmosphere. The large beach at Frigate Bay fills up with families relaxing in the sun, while children swim in the calm water and adventurous tourists cruise the waves on jet skis further offshore. At night, Frigate Bay transforms into St. Kitts best nightlife destination when the beachfront bars and restaurants open their outdoor patios and dance floors. Some of St. Kitts best resorts and shops can also be found along Frigate Bay, making this area a great place to sample all of the island s luxurious highlights.

For many travelers, Frigate Bay Beach resembles the ideal Caribbean destination. The long stretch of soft sand at Frigate Bay Beach is bookmarked by a pair of large hills that jut into the Caribbean. In addition to providing protection to the calm waters offshore, the picturesque hills allow the beach to feel like a secluded cove. Throughout the sand, visitors will find coconut and sea grape trees that offer hints of shade and plenty of tropical flare. When the time comes to enjoy the crystal clear waters offshore, visitors of all ages will find plenty of calm areas to swim or wade, while activities like kayaking, jet skiing and snorkeling are possible further from the shoreline. Of course, as is the custom in the Caribbean, relaxing in the sun is also a popular activity at Frigate Bay Beach.

During the day, many of the bars and restaurants that line the beach offer food and drinks from walk up counters or sandy seating areas. Beachfront restaurants such as Inon s, Ziggy s Beach Bar and Grill and Mr. X s Shiggidy Shack serve food right on the beach throughout the day, while those in need of a drink can pull up a seat at one of Frigate Bay s many sand locked bars. At night, Mr. X s Shiggidy Shack, as well as famous Caribbean destinations like Monkey Bar, strike up bonfires across the beach, while live Caribbean music blends with the sound of gently lapping waves. Known locally as The Strip, this collection of beachfront restaurants and bars has grown steadily over the last several years to become St. Kitts premier dining and nightlife spot.

Those that want to enjoy the excitement of Frigate Bay throughout their stay in St. Kitts can take advantage of the hotels and resorts located on the beach, including the St. Kitts Marriott Resort and Royal Beach Casino. As the largest resort on Frigate Bay Beach and one of the island s top lodging destinations, the St. Kitts Marriott Resort serves as the centerpiece of the area s vibrant culture. The St. Kitts Marriott Resort, in conjunction with other resorts along Frigate Bay Beach, also provides the bustling area a wealth of shops and fine dining options. Throughout the year, the resorts along Frigate Bay Beach also serve as the best lodging destinations for some of the island s top annual events, including the famous St. Kitts Carnival and the St. Kitts Music Festival.

Located just three miles from downtown Basseterre, Frigate Bay is a convenient beach and entertainment destination for anyone visiting St. Kitts. During the day, families can enjoy relaxing in the sand or playing in the water, while those in search of more action can mingle at beachfront bars or explore the wonders of the Caribbean offshore. At night, much of the island meets here to enjoy the wonderful weather and exciting tropical atmosphere. When visiting St. Kitts, Frigate Bay is a destination that should be on everyone s list.

Author Resource:- Justin Burch writes articles about travel in St. Kitts for the Marriott Resorts.




St Kitts' South_Friars_Bay - The Beach With Something For Everyone

By Justin Burch

With an interior landscape dominated by immense, dormant volcanoes - including the 3,800-foot Mt. Liamuiga - it is certainly no stretch to say that St. Kitts is home to some of the Caribbean's most unique geography. While Mt. Liamuiga provides excellent hiking and ecotourism opportunities, another strange feature helps St. Kitts stand out as an incredible beach destination. Southeast of the towering mountain interior, a long peninsula separates the placid waters of the Caribbean Sea from the dramatic scenery of the Atlantic Ocean. On each side of the peninsula, visitors will miles of unique beaches, including picturesque rocky landscapes along the northern side and soft stretches of sand beside calm, blue water on the southern side. One of the most popular beaches in St. Kitts - South Friars Bay - sits on the southern side of this peninsula, just minutes away from Basseterre and many of the island's top resorts.

Known as one of St. Kitts' top family-friendly destinations, South Friars Bay is a great place to enjoy everything from swimming and snorkeling to sunbathing and picnicking. The beach at South Friars Bay resembles the idyllic Caribbean paradise, boasting a wide stretch of white sand bordered by palm trees, while the water offshore is warm, shallow and crystal-clear. Though South Friars Bay has long been a popular weekend destination for local families, tourists will always find ample room to relax or play in the sand. Though South Friars Bay isn't the most popular snorkeling destination in St. Kitts, the coral reefs that protect each end of the beach offer a number of unique sights and conditions are almost always very favorable for young explorers. Families hoping to enjoy snorkeling and other water sports at South Friars Bay will find several rental shops and tour operators along the beach offering a variety of kid-friendly activity options.

Just off the beach, visitors will find scenic natural areas that include placid salt ponds and dense mangrove swamps that serve as home to numerous species of sea birds. On the northern side of the peninsula, those in search of more dramatic shoreline sights can visit North Friars Bay - a rocky, windswept beach that feels like a world away from the sandy landscapes of the protected southern beaches. As the waters offshore from North Friars Bay are subject to consistent trade winds, the area is popular with surfers and travelers that enjoy the sight of crashing waves. Nearby Sir Timothy's Hill - accessible from the Simmonds Highway, the main road along the peninsula - is another popular sightseeing destination, as visitors can enjoy views across the entire beach and the sparkling blue Caribbean Sea beyond.

Despite serving as one of the top family beaches in the Caribbean, South Friars Bay is also home to one of the island's most vibrant beach bar scenes. The numerous friendly cafes and bars located along the beach are known for serving affordable drinks and snacks during the day, while several remain open well into the evening and feature live entertainment and special events. Most of the beachside eateries also offer lounge chairs for rent, each complimented with palapa shades.

Conveniently situated as the first southside beach along the Simmonds Highway, South Friars Bay can be reached easily by shuttle or taxi. As South Friars Bay is located less than a mile east of Frigate Bay and many of St. Kitts' top resorts, the beach can also be reached via bicycle or on foot.

As tourists flock to St. Kitts each year to experience some of the Caribbean's most diverse natural sights and outdoor recreation opportunities, the island's southeastern peninsula has become one of the top beach destinations in the region. Best of all, travelers staying in Basseterre and other southern shore resort areas can reach the peninsula's top beach - South Friars Bay - in just a matter of minutes.

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