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Grenada's Waterfalls


By Brian Ramsey

The beaches of Grenada are truly beautiful. From black sand to yellow gold to white sand beaches, Grenada has variety. From beaches stretching for miles to small picturesque bays to intimate coves, there is a range of beach types.

Some would argue that Grand Anse is the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean. Certainly there can be no argument that Gran Anse is a spectacular beach, a large 2.5 mile U shaped bay with blue green calm water that rolls gently with white foam onto yellow gold sand. Backed by green hills that are dotted with colourful houses and a view across the water of Grenada's capital, St Georges, plus sailing ships lazily crossing the bay, Grand Anse is wonderful.

If you can tear yourself away from these wonderful beaches, the Caribbean island of Grenada has other water treasures of the fresh water variety. Grenada’s mountainous nature and pristine environment gives rise to several waterfalls. Wherever you stay in Grenada, there is a waterfall close by. For those staying in the St Georges/Gran Anse area the closest waterfall is at Annadale, which is approximately 15 minutes drive from St Georges. The road to the Falls is well signposted, but there are times when the angle of the arrows may a little difficult to interpret. However as in any Caribbean country, getting to an attraction is part of the fun. If therefore along the way you take a wrong turn and see a little more of the country than you intended, that is part of the enjoyment of having an outdoor adventure. One aspect of the wonderful nature of the Grenadian people is that everyone is willing to give directions.

The Annadale Waterfall tumbles crystal clear over dark rocks to land in a large pool of very cool water. The small complex surrounding the falls has several brooks running down the hill to the base of the waterfall. There are nutmeg shell lined paths for visitors to climb the hill and enjoy the view. The trees on the compound are labeled with the local name, the scientific (botanical) name and the family name.

An interesting aspect of the journey to Annadale is that along the way you pass a waterfall that the locals call the "small falls". The "small falls" however appears bigger than the Annadale Falls but there is no bathing pool.

Concorde Falls are another waterfall that is reasonably close to St Georges being approximately 45 minutes driving time. The road to that part of the island is good and goes through areas with luxuriant green foliage clothing the hills. The Falls are easy to find as there is a large sign on the main road pointing to the waterfall. From the Main Road to the waterfall is approximately 3 kilometers and takes about 5 minutes to drive.

This waterfall is in the mountains and as you stand on the road above looking down at the falls, there are mountain peaks towering above you. Around the falls tropical growth springs from the soil in abundance, with towering stands of bamboo, nutmeg trees climb the hills and in between mangoes, pomerac, grapefruit, avocado and banana dot the hillsides. For the truly adventurous there is a larger waterfall that is approximately 45 minutes hiking beyond the first waterfall. Known as Au Coin, this waterfall is bigger and taller with a pool for swimming. A third waterfall in the Concorde valley is Fontainbleu which cascades down a 65 foot cliff into a crystal clear pool and is approximately 2 hours hiking up the mountain.

Another of the other fresh water treasures of Grenada are the Mount Carmel Falls which are also known as the Marquis Falls. This waterfall, which is an easy 30 minute hike, is located two miles south of Grenville and falls 70 feet into pools below. The Seven Sisters waterfall requires a 45 minute hike that is worth every minute of the hike, going through rainforest and a private plantation with cocoa, nutmeg and banana trees. Here multiple waterfalls tumble down the river giving rise to the name Seven Sisters. The trip to the Paraclete Waterfalls in St. Andrew is a 60 minute test of your love of hiking but the falls are beautiful. There is no pool under the waterfall for swimming but you can walk directly under the waterfall itself, and feel the water pound on you. You can also visit the Honeymoon Falls which requires a one hour hike to the base of Mount Qua Qua in the Grand Etang National Park.

Grenada's Victoria Falls in the parish of Saint Mark is a seculed waterfall that requires a long hike to reach. It is at the foot of Mount Saint Catherine and falls in two drops. Tufton Hall Waterfall is another waterfall that is in the parish of Saint Marks. This is Grenada's highest waterfall and it is recommended that a tour guide be hired for visiting these falls. The hike to the falls is approximately three hours and through challenging terrain. This hike can give real meaning to the term outdoor adventure as along the way you will see cascades, pools, sulphur springs and the waterfall.

Balthazar Falls are another of the water treasures in Grenada, while a visit to Rosemont Falls requires having lunch at the Rosemont Plantation, both of which are delightful.

Whenever you are in Grenada, tear yourself away from the wonderful beaches and have an island adventure discovering Grenada’s fresh water treasures.

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