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Called "the Spice of the Caribbean", Grenada truly deserves the name with an abundance of nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and ginger, and Grenada being a world leader in the export of nutmeg. But it is not just for the agricultural products that Grenada deserves the name "The Isle of Spice". Life on these islands has been enriched by nature creating the natural elements for a perfect tropical Caribbean vacation. Grenada is a tri-island nation consisting of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. These islands are located in the eastern Caribbean, just north of Trinidad and south of St Vincent. The largest island is Grenada with a width of twelve miles (18 km) and a length of twenty-one miles (34 km).

Within Grenada’s 133 square miles are mountainous, volcanic terrain that gives rise to beautiful waterfalls and crater lakes plus invigorating hiking through tropical rainforest. Another outdoor recreational activity that can be a thrill of a Grenada vacation is river rafting on the Balthazar River. Along the coast are sheltered coves and bays with stunning white, pink, gold and black sand beaches. More than 45 beaches can be found on Grenada and they provide ample opportunities for holiday beach adventures with brilliant blue water and wonderful coral reefs that are ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving. For more relaxed outdoor holiday activities visiting a spice factory can be an interesting experience. The Friday night Fish Fry at Gouyave gives you an activity that exposes you to another side of Grenada's charming personality. Although it is a small island, Grenada has numerous places of interest for those who want places to visit for sightseeing.

Carriacou, lying north of Grenada, is smaller than Grenada and not as mountainous. With fine natural harbours, Carriacou has a tradition of boat building and sailing. The landscape encourages walking tours and hiking while the lovely sand beaches invite you to swim in the sparkling blue water. The smallest island is Petite Martinique, which is 2.5 miles northeast of Carriacou. Both islands are perfect for day trips as they are easily reached by ferry.

All this natural beauty on islands inhabited by only 108,000 persons makes Grenada a wonderful Caribbean vacation destination, especially for outdoor recreational activities.

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