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Tobago Camping
The dazzling blue water, golden sands, glorious sunsets make you want to stay on the beach. The fact that most Tobago beaches are hemmed in by the natural flora or small villages causes the wildlife especially birds to be ever present and many of the beaches have either fringing or off shore reefs that are ideal for snorkeling. All of these facets make you want to linger on the beach and camping is a great way to experience a oneness with nature. One can literally camp on any beach in Tobago once it is not private land. Camping however is generally not done in Tobago but at Carnival and Easter you can find persons camping in Tobago especially Trinidadians. Below are some of the places for camping in Tobago.

Mount Irvine Bay

Englishman Bay

Englishman Bay is visually beautiful with water that is calm and clear plus a curving stretch of golden brown sand. Persons who camp on this beach can enjoy the pleasures of snorkeling. The steeply sloping beach flattens at the top, with almond and sea grape trees creating a shaded arbor that is ideal for camping and above the high tide mark. Campers at Englishman Bay will find mosquitoes are a minor problem at night because the area behind the beach trees is swampy but the problem is not insurmountable with repellant.

Two vendors ply their trade on this beach; one has a small restaurant that operates in the day. Campers can obtain camping supplies from Castara or Parlatuvier but Castara is the better bet because it is a slightly larger village.

It is very important to note that Englishman Bay is a lonely beach at night because there are no houses in the vicinity of the beach creating the potential for security problems. As such it should not be used for camping unless it is a large group of persons who are camping there. This bay is along the Northside Road between Castara and Parlatuvier.


Bloody Bay

Bloody Bay is a small bay located east of Parlatuvier. It is accessible from the Northside Road, via a well paved road that leads down the side of a hill. The beach is a ribbon of golden sand onto which clear blue water gently flows. There are no houses on this beach. Along the beach there are almond and sea-grape trees. The Bloody Bay River flows into the sea at the eastern end of the bay. There are toilet and shower facilities at the beach however these close at 5.30pm each day.

Campers here can enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the azure water and at night join the locals in fishing from the cliffs on either sides of the bay. Camping at Bloody Bay is usually done at Carnival and at Easter. Small amounts of camping supplies can be obtained from Parlatuvier


Kings Bay

The beach at Kings Bay is a mix of gold and black sand giving the sea water a somewhat dark appearance on an overcast day but the water, as with all Tobago sea water is very clear. On a sunny day this deeply indented bay is very beautiful. The area behind the beach is a mix of almond trees and dry mangrove, providing an area for camping.

At Kings Bay Beach, there are changing rooms, toilets and showers. There are small huts (cabanas) for picnics and lifeguards are on duty during the daytime. A snack bar is operated at the beach facility during the day time. Any forgotten grocery items can be obtained in the nearby village of Delaford from some small shops.

Kings Bay Beach is at end of Kings Bay Depot road off the Windward Road in the northeast of Tobago.

Canoe Bay

Canoe Bay is on private property and so a fee has to be paid to the owner in order to camp here. The area is fenced, lit and generally secure. Persons who camp on the property will share the facility with a block of 14 one bedroom apartments and another block of 3 two bedroom apartments. There are wide grassy lawns leading down to the sea and persons camping at Canoe Bay awaken to the sounds of numerous birds across the 44 acre property.

The Canoe Bay Resort’s strongest feature is the shallow waters of the bay, surrounded by a small but pleasant beach. The sea is calm here as an offshore reef provides shelter for a natural lagoon. The swimming is ideal for families with small children and there is good snorkelling. There is a beach bar/restaurant, with freshwater showers, toilets and changing facilities. The restaurant offers breakfasts and light lunches only.

Access is via a road off the Claude Noel Highway and there is a large sign on the highway identifying the road to the resort. The resort is actually a fair distance off the main highway. Those individuals with a vehicle however will have no difficulty as large supermarkets are only 8 minutes away, restaurants and bars are only 15 minutes away and the airport is approximately 20 minutes away.


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