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Tobago Places of Interest

Tobago has wide variety in its places of interest, ranging from historical sites to natural wonders to interesting human activities

Tobago Museum

Located in the Barrack Guard House of Fort King George, the museum has an interesting display of early Tobago history, including Amerindian artifacts, and military relics, maps and documents from the colonial period. Open Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Small admission fee).

Kimme Museum, Mt. Irvine
A little way up the road past Mt Irvine Bay Hotel is the workshop and gallery of the German sculptor Luise Kimme, who has made Tobago a large part of her life’s work. Her pieces include graceful dancers, young girls, lovers and mothers with children. Viewing is on Sundays, or by appointment (639-0257).

Itsy Bitsy Play House
This is a folk theatre which prides itself as the only formal one in Tobago. Indigenous songs, dance and local drama are staged for locals and visitors. There is also a small Heritage museum attached to the Play House at 2 - 4 Robert Trace Mount Pleasant.

Couronian Monument, Plymouth
This monument representing “freedom” is to honor the early settlers to Plymouth who came from Courland (modern day Latvia). The monument was designed and built by one of our national artists. It was unveiled in 1976 during a cultural visit by Courlanders in exile from various parts of the world.
Gun Bridge, Bacolet Street, Scarborough
Originally built to accommodate one vehicle at a time, Gun Bridge was widened in the 1950s by the Works Division. Four cannons were removed from Fort King George and placed at the two ends of the bridge - two north, two south.  Embedded in the stone and concrete sides are the barrels of 19th Century Brown Bees muskets which serve as decorative guard rails.

Mystery Tombstone, Plymouth
Located in the village of Plymouth this site has baffled many a visitor as the inscription on the tombstone has perplexed visitors for over 200 years.

Witch’s Grave, Golden Lane
In the village of Golden Lane is the grave of Gang Gang Sara. According to legend, she was an African witch who flew to Tobago centuries ago and was unable to fly back because she had eaten salt.

Arnos Vale Waterwheel and Nature Park, Arnos Vale
This is Tobago’s best-preserved waterwheel, once the main source of power to a sugar factory. The intrinsic historical character of this site has been well preserved and expanded to offer walking trails, an outdoor restaurant and theatre.

Sugar Mill at Mt. Irvine Bay Hotel
The Sugar Mill at Mt. Irvine Bay Hotel was the power center of the sugar works for the Old Grange Estate which was erected in the latter part of the 18th Century.  The collapse of the sugar industry in 1887 brought its usefulness to an end. Today it is the centerpiece of the Sugarmill Restaurant at the Mount Irvine Bay Hotel.

Speyside Waterwheel - Speyside
This wheel was erected in the late 18th Century or early 19th Century. The waterwheel and related machinery were used to grind sugar and were made in Scotland. With the collapse of the sugar industry in 1887, this and other mills became obsolete. It is now one of the many reminders of Tobago’s past.

Governor’s House/The President’s House Government House Road
The Governor’s House at Mt. William was completed in 1828. After its completion, it was occupied only when Governors resident in Trinidad visited the island. It is now the official residence of the President of Trinidad and Tobago.

St. Andrew’s Anglican Church - Bacolet Street, Scarborough
In 1816, an Act was passed for the building of this church in Scarborough. The building was completed in 1819 and consecrated by Rev. W.S. Wilson. In 1963, the original building was destroyed by hurricane Flora. The present building was erected on the old foundation. Memorial plaques adorn the walls of the Church and in particular that to Sir William Young, the Governor, who died in 1815.

Richmond Great House - Richmond village
The most elegant surviving plantation Great House in Tobago is the Richmond Great House. This home dating from 1766, contains early 20th Century wooden and brass African and Chinese furniture. Also containing a collection of African textiles and carvings, it is now used as a guesthouse with an outdoor restaurant and a swimming pool. 

The House of Assembly or Old Court House Scarborough
This building overlooks James Park in upper Scarborough.  His Excellency Governor General Sir F.P. Robinson laid the foundation stone on April 23rd, 1821.  Upon completion in 1825, the building housed the island’s Legislature and Judiciary. The building is now used as the island’s Central Administration building, where it houses the Chamber of the Tobago House of Assembly, the local Government on the island.


Buccoo Reef

Buccoo Reef is the largest coral reef in Tobago and is one of the best examples of a reef complex in the region; it was designated as a marine park in 1973. It contains a reef system of five reef flats that are separated by deep channels. Buccoo Reef is one of the most accessible for the non-diver, as snorkeling and glass-bottom boats offer an easy way to observe the many habitats and species it contains. These Glass-bottom boat trips to the reef are available from various points, including Store Bay and Pigeon Point.


Nylon Pool

The Nylon Pool, a sparkling, aqua-blue basin of clear waist-high water in the middle of the ocean. Visits to the Nylon Pool are usually combined with trips to Buccoo Reef.


Crusoe’s Cave – Crown Point

The name Crusoe has a bearing on Defoe's legendary fictional character Robinson Crusoe. The cave is a part of a network of subterranean caves that traverse the Crown Point and Store Bay area. This cave was probably a pre-historic fresh water course known to the Amerindians who lived in that part of the island. Access to the entrance of this cave is located on private property.


Botanical Gardens - Scarborough

Ten acres of tropical trees and shrubs sloping down from the Claude Noel Highway to the downtown area. Entrances to the gardens are located just off the Claude Noel Highway and from Garden-side Street.



Tobago has many waterfalls with cool clear fresh water falling into pools that invigorate both the body and the mind. Many of Tobago’s waterfalls are close to the road so that it is a short hike to visit them. Learn more about Tobago’s waterfalls by reading Fresh or Salt in Tobago.


Main Ridge Forest Reserve

The Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve is the oldest protected forest reserve in the Western Hemisphere. It proclaimed a Forest Reserve by an Act of Parliament in 1776 and today most of the forest remains totally natural. This rainforest has great biodiversity with many species of birds, mammals, frogs, (nonpoisonous) snakes, butterflies and other invertebrates. There are very knowledgeable government-appointed guides who provide an authoritative guiding service through the forest.

Dirt Oven Baking - Castara

An old time dirt oven that uses a wood fire, dough wrapped in wet banana leaves and preparation methods developed over years is one of the attractions of the village of Castara. Delicious products baked by a group of senior citizens who have been baking with this method for decades are available for sale. You can learn more about this attraction on our Castara Baking article.


Birdwatching Sites

One of Tobago's visitor attractions is birding. The small size of the island means that it is very easy to include birdwatching as an outdoor recreation activity while on vacation in Tobago. You can find the many birdwatching hotspots on our Bird Watching Page.


Tobago Cocoa Estate

The Tobago cocoa estate is an estate that grows exclusively Trinitario fine flavored cocoa. Tours of the working plantation are offered allowing the visitor to learn the history of cocoa, see historical displays and learn how cocoa is converted into chocolate. There is also a small souvenir shop and cafe.


Genesis Nature Park & Art Gallery - Goodwood 

Located at Goodwood, between Scarborough and Roxborough is the Genesis Nature Park. This nature reserve which is housed in the garden surrounding the owner’s home has various local wildlife species  including capuchin monkeys, boa constrictors, turkeys, turtle, agouti, parrot, wild hogs, cocrico, caimans, squirrels and fish. There is also a small art gallery where local paintings and sculptures by Michael Spencer are for sale.  


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