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Tobago is one of the lesser developed Caribbean islands in terms of built infrastructure so that much of the natural vegetation still remains and many of its inhabitants live in small villages in the countryside. The eastern interior landscape rises steeply into peaks, providing shelter for the oldest protected rainforest reserve in the western hemisphere, which covers 60% of the island. Tobago is indeed the last of the unspoilt Caribbean islands making it a great location for a Caribbean holiday especially for someone who loves holiday recreational activities and outdoor adventure.

Tobago is surrounded by some of the richest and most colorful coral reefs in the Caribbean, with 40 species of corals and over 600 species of fish. These aquatic communities are some of the most spectacular sights on earth. The island offers a myriad of scuba diving opportunities for both the new and experienced scuba diver. Home of the elusive manta rays and the Caribbean's largest brain coral, Tobago is a year round scuba diving vacation destination. For those who are not as intrepid but still want to experience the beauty of the underwater world while on a Caribbean holiday, Tobago has great snorkeling.

The game fishing in the waters off Tobago is a sport angler’s dream with some of the world’s most exciting game fish, including blue marlin, white marlin, swordfish, wahoo, tuna, barracuda, dolphin (mahi-mahi) and shark. If you are on vacation and do not want to go deep sea fishing but simply want to relax with a few hours of fishing, then any part of the Tobago coast is a good area. You can expect to find snook, tarpon, jacks, garfish (hound fish), snapper, small barracuda and even small tuna.

The offshore coral reefs that shelter many of Tobago's beaches and make them so enjoyable for swimming also make many of the bays enjoyable for kayaking. Kayak rentals are available at many hotels and also from beachside vendors.

Tobago abounds with natural beauty. The contrast of rolling hills against wave-beaten shores gives the island an unequalled allure. The windward coast is washed by the dark green, wave-whipped Atlantic and lined with vibrant fishing villages while the leeward coast provides Tobago with some of its finest beaches with crystal clear blue waters. Tobago is definitely laid back with a pace of life that is slower than most other parts of the world. Tobago’s warm and friendly people encourage you to leave your hotel and explore the villages and rural countryside. That laid back lifestyle creates an ambiance in Tobago’s villages that lends itself to the enjoyment of a holiday. When on a vacation you feel yourself slowing down, shedding the tensions and being able to enjoy the simple things like going to a village and watching bread baked in a mud oven. On a Sunday night you can visit Buccou Village and dance the night away next to the gently rolling waters of the bay while enjoying local cuisine.

The Main Ridge Forest Reserve, Tobago’s backbone, is a hilly range of forest, which covers over 60% of the island, with its summit Pigeon Peak at 1,860 feet (549 metres) above sea level. This forest reserve is the oldest protected rainforest reserve in the Western Hemisphere and allows you to indulge in one of Tobago’s major tourist attractions, birdwatching. Scattered around Tobago are numerous birding hotspots that allow for the enjoyment of a Caribbean outdoor vacation. The Main Ridge Forest Reserve also generates several waterfalls that are among the places to visit when hiking in Tobago.

Tobago is an undulating mass of coral and volcanic rock. The southwestern peninsula is largely composed of coral and relatively flat, making it a great place for cycling. It is very easy to rent a bicycle and cycle along the country roads with views of the ocean. For the mountain biker, there are riding options that offer a variety of wide and fairly easy trails for beginners, but also those that provide some challenges for the advanced mountain biker.

Over its history, Tobago is reputed to have changed hands over 30 times between 1777 and 1877. It seems that wherever you stay in Tobago there is a fort near you and each of these are interesting places to visit while on a Tobago holiday. Military fortifications are however not the only evidence of Tobago’s historic past. Throughout Tobago many old buildings remain that reflect the varied architectural styles of Tobago’s settlers who came from Latvia, England, France and Holland.

All of this in an island that is only 116 square miles (300 square km), 16 miles long and seven miles wide with a population of 54,000, just 33 kilometers north east of Trinidad.

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Below is a video of the exciting outdoor recreational activities in Tobago.


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