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Outdoor Recreation Adventure on Grand Bahama Island in the Bahamas

Consisting of an archipelago of 700 islands sitting in the midst of amazingly clear blue green water it is not surprising that many of the outdoor recreational adventures in the Bahamas revolve around the sea. There is so much variety in the outdoor recreation activity in the Bahamas that there is guaranteed to be some type of outdoor adventure to please everyone.

Scuba Diving

The Bahamas offers spectacular scuba diving with exceptional visibility and wide variety in dive sites. There are coral reefs, caves, walls, blue holes and wrecks to explore. On Grand Bahama Island there are shallow medium and deep reef dives. There are also numerous shipwrecks in and around Grand Bahama Island, including "Theo’s Wreck," a former 230-foot bulk cement carrier that was the first artificial reef created in The Islands of the Bahamas. Advanced scuba divers will want to explore Ben's Cavern, a spectacular underwater sinkhole located in the Lucayan Caves National Park. Another amazing dive is The Cave, which is closed during the summer months. Other caverns include Devil's Face in Hawksbill Creek and Mermaid's Lair.

Action Dives

As if the spectacular underwater scenery was not sufficient to keep any diver enthralled, the Bahamas has diving that can best be described as action adventures. On Grand Bahama Island you can dive with dolphins in the wild. Through the Underwater Explorers' Society's (UNEXSO) "Dolphin Dive" program you get to hand-feed and interact with these amazing animals in their natural habitat. Shark Junction on Grand Bahama is home to one of the world's first and best shark encounters. This dive gives you a close encounter with the most beautiful large Caribbean reef sharks.


Swimmers of every ability will enjoy snorkeling in the Bahamas. The distinctive coral and reef formations around the islands and clear, blue water that is generally shallow make snorkeling a remarkably rewarding outdoor recreation experience. On Grand Bahama Island, Deadman’s Reef at Paradise Cove is one of the places where you can snorkel on a reef right off the beach. Here you can see stingrays, barracuda, turtles and colourful reef fish.

Deep Sea Fishing

Sitting in the midst of the Gulf Stream, the Bahamas is world famous for sport fishing. Those warm waters bring some of the world’s best game fish to the islands of the Bahamas. White and blue marlin, yellow-fin and blue-fin tuna, barracuda, king fish, Wahoo, bonito, and dolphin can be found in the waters offshore. On Grand Bahama island there are several charter boats that provide half day and whole day charters.

While offshore deep sea fishing usually holds the spotlight, the world’s best game fish are significantly smaller. Weighing up to 10 kilograms with a length of 104 cm, bonefish are probably pound for pound the strongest and fastest running salt-water fish. Bonefishing is a shallow-water pursuit done in depths ranging from 8 inches to 8 feet. Fly fishing for bonefish is popular on Grand Bahama with Deep Water Cay being a favored location. There are several tour guides on the island who are able to introduce you to this true fishing adventure.


Kayaking is an easy and fun outdoor recreation activity. Grand Bahama Island's beautiful mangrove waterways and saltwater flats seem to be just made for kayaking. Those who have never kayaked before will find Grand Bahama Island a fantastic a place to learn. A particularly enjoyable kayak adventure is a tour that begins with a nature walk through the Lucayan National Park and Caves. Then, you kayak through the quiet waters of Gold Rock Creek, where the water is never more than waist deep. The creek is a pristine mangrove environment and a habitat for bird and marine life. You’ll also have time to swim, snorkel and relax on beautiful Gold Rock Beach.

Water Sports

Numerous water sports including parasailing, jet skis, windsurfing, waterskiing are easily available.

Horse back Riding

To gallop along a beautiful beach at sunrise or sunset is a special experience. On Grand Bahama island there are several stables that offer horse back riding for riders of all experience levels, including first time riders.

Bird Watching

Bird watchers will enjoy Grand Bahama Island as they are able to see native Bahamian species plus Neotropic migrants. One of the prime birdwatching hotspots is the Rand Nature Center, only minutes from downtown Freeport, where you can see a variety of birds, including Antillean peewee birds, red-legged thrushes, stripe-headed tanagers, the endangered Bahama parrot and, occasionally, a Kirtland's warbler. Another enjoyable birdwatching location is Parrot Jungle's Garden of the Groves that has many of the native specialties and, in season, many Neotropic migrants. West End attracts many of the Neotropic migrants with more than thirty species of warblers and other migrants having been seen. Other sites vary from mangrove swamps, either accessible by boardwalk or kayak, to comfortable walking trails through the Caribbean pine forest (the dominant vegetation on the island), and other ecosystems -- the Whiteland Coppice, the Rocky Coppice, and the Blackland Coppice. And, of course, there are the beaches and the ponds on golf courses where native and migrating wading and water birds gather. 


The 40 acre Lucayan National Park, famous for its limestone caves you can easily explore on foot, and even dive when arranged through UNEXSO. The caves comprise one of the longest underwater cave systems in the world, which is also among the most environmentally distinct, filled with bats as well as fish. The vast tunnel system, connecting the caves, are accessible by both land and sea.

Tennis & Racquet Sports

Tennis can be played at the major resort hotels.


Grand Bahama island is home to several magnificent golf courses

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