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Montserrat Outdoor Adventure

Montserrat is an island that is 10 miles long by 7 miles wide in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. Known as the Emerald Isle because of its resemblance to coastal Ireland and the fact that many islanders are descended from Irish indentured servants, Montserrat offers an excellent opportunity for individuals in search of outdoor adventure.

In 1995, the Soufriere Hills volcano erupted covering two thirds of the island. This devastating event is now a major tourist attraction as it offers the rare opportunity to view an active volcano from a safe distance. The volcano is one of the most studied in the world and on a clear night visitors can see the glowing dome and rock falls. To aid in understanding the volcano and volcanology there is the Montserrat Volcano Observatory Interpretation Centre which is open to visitors Monday to Thursday from 10:15am to 3:00pm. The Centre has poster displays explaining the techniques used in monitoring seismic (earthquake) activity, gas emissions, ground deformation and environmental impacts; and dramatic video shows including a synopsis of the activity and examples of the recent events on the volcano, along with touch screen kiosks and volcanic artifacts on display. The 1995 eruption buried the capital city, Plymouth, so that today it has been likened to a modern day Pompeii.  It is possible to view the buried capital city from several safe vantage points.

Montserrat today offers much more outdoor activity than only volcano tours. The lush, forested Centre Hills are renowned for their biological diversity. Birdwatchers will be delighted in this area as Montserrat is home to thirty-four (34) species of resident land birds and migrant songbirds and there is the opportunity to spot Montserrat's rare national bird, the endemic Montserrat Oriole. There are also hiking opportunities with several hiking trails in the safe zone of the island.

Montserrat’s beaches are never crowded and with their silver grey sand backed by tropical forest they are definitely picturesque. A particularly enchanting beach is found at Rendezvous Bay which is the island’s only white sand beach. Reached by hiking over the Silver Hills the beach rewards you with a vista of the blue Caribbean Sea and a relaxing swim in its clear water. Those who do not want to do the hike can always visit this beach by taking a water taxi from Little Bay. Montserrat’s beaches are also the nesting sites for three species of sea turtle (the Green Turtle, the Hawksbill and the Loggerhead) and usually in the months of September and August you can witness the hatching of these turtles.

Montserrat’s underwater world is also an attraction with several reefs off the coast. These reefs provide several dive sites for both the experienced and novice scuba diver. For the outdoor adventurer interested in snorkeling there is fantastic marine life and corals in shallow water. For the offshore fisherman Montserrat offers Marlin, Wahoo, Dolphin, King Fish and Tuna. If your interest in fishing is simply a quiet few hours tossing out your line from the shore there are several casual fishing spots.

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