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St Lucia Adventures







By Caitlin Moore

St. Lucia, located in the Eastern Caribbean amidst a handful of other exotic, pleasure-filled islands, is a scenic and friendly place known for its volcanic beauty and unique French-infused culture. It attracts honeymooners and families alike with its abundant charms and makes sure that all vacation visions and goals are properly realized.

The geography alone is enough to give a person pause, as the central mountains, volcanic cones, rain forests, harbors and bays combine to make a sort of ideal picture of vacation contentment. This isn’t just a few miles of mediocre beach or a plain-Jane set of sites – rather, St. Lucia contains some of the most vibrant, diverse and even famous spots in the Caribbean.

For one thing, there are about 19,000 acres of rainforest with 29 miles of trails for hard-core hikers and beginners, too. Parrots, orchids and hummingbirds are just a few of the exotic species that populate this piece of untamed wilderness and will be revealed during one of the possible routes. Be sure to check out Mt. Gimie, the highest point on the island, the waterfalls at the head of the Troumassee River, and Edmund Forest Reserve on the west side of the island.

The perimeter of St. Lucia is also quite magnetic, of course, thanks to many miles of sparkling beaches that face either the Caribbean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean. Water sports that include diving, deep-sea fishing, windsurfing and snorkeling are top-notch, as is the most revered activity of all: deep-sea fishing. The conditions surrounding St. Lucia make it an angler’s dream come true, so if reeling in a big game fish tops your list of things to do, be sure to charter a boat and take advantage of all that these rich waters have to offer.

Following the thread of adventure leads to other activities, as well. St. Lucia has been recognized for its efforts as an ecotourism destination, so join a guided journey to learn more about the uncultivated aspects of the isle. Bike tours are another way to see the sights while getting a little exercise and horseback riding holds a special place on St. Lucia as a dignified yet adrenaline-enhanced diversion that is sure to please seasoned riders and newcomers as well.

Keep your heart rate going with more traditional activities (albeit performed before a very non-traditional backdrop) by joining in an organized game of some sort or sitting in the sidelines and taking it all in. Cricket, soccer, tennis, squash and beach volleyball are all wonderful ways to pass a sunny afternoon. The competitive spirit adds an edge to an already successful trip and the chance to see the world famous Beausejour Cricket Grounds or make new friends over a post-game beer shouldn’t be passed up.

Golf, nightlife activities in Rodney Bay, jazz and reggae shows flesh out any holes in one’s itinerary, and as far as eating goes, expect to be well-fed in St. Lucia. Creole and seafood reign supreme, but the menu offerings range from pizza to pan-Asian, beach bum-casual to ultra-classy. Anything enjoyed on an open-air patio while on vacation tends to taste amazing, but the cuisine on St. Lucia is worth being immersed in.

Finally, an important component to take care of now is lodging. Befitting the away from it all feel that St. Lucia is so good at capturing, many people are drawn to the prospect of renting a vacation villa that provides the comforts of home without any of the responsibilities. Cute beach houses tucked away from the hubbub or centrally located cottages are available to be had, and pictures and descriptions can be found online so that the perfect place can be picked out by you and your traveling companions (or just by you).

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