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Caymans Islands Family Vacation Must See Visits

Author: Joel Peter D. Vitug

Cayman Islands are located 480 miles southwest of Miami and comprise three islands namely – Little Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Grand Cayman.

The beauty of the island lies in its coral reefs that make it just perfect for adventures such as scuba diving and snorkeling. Whether your family is planning a relaxation trip or an adventurous one, there is plentiful of both in the Caymans.

The history of the Cayman Islands is quite strange, when you consider the beauty that has almost become synonymous with its name today. Columbus had originally named the island ‘Las Tortugas’, meaning the land of turtles, as it was almost covered with these creatures. You will be more surprised to know what its name ‘Cayman’ suggests. Well, the word originates from the word ‘Carib’ meaning crocodiles. ‘Caymanas’ means marine crocodiles, which suggests that the island was home to scores of lizards. Caymans have also been associated for a very long time with pirates and buccaneers, who used these islands as their hideouts. Strangely, once you know about the island’s history, you are more likely to fall in love with the contrast that this heaven on earth offers you.

The luxuriant beaches with their golden sand and crystal clear waters are so beautiful that you almost stop counting days during your stay on the island. There are plenty of activities that you can indulge in on the Caymans. The islands are best known for its diving destinations and houses Stingray City, one of the largest attractions of the world. This destination is 12 feet under water and is popular amongst scuba divers and snorkelers.

While on your trip to the Caymans, one of the must-see places is the Pedro St. James Historic Site that is situated at the southern coast of the Grand Cayman. The place has a rich historical heritage and is renowned for the accurate and wonderful reconstruction of the original version of 1780 Great House. This place is truly one of the genuine treasures awaiting an exploration by you and your family.

Another popular attraction bound to impress you and your family is the National Museum in the Caymans Island. The museum has a lot of items on display that serve as rich information sources for the tourists who wish to understand the history of the Caymans. The museum also has a variety of artefacts on display that are unique. They reflect the independent and exciting nature of the island’s seafaring society.

Caymans’ Turtle Farm is another sight that is popular among adults and children equally. This farm is a home to over 12,000 turtles that range from mere hatchlings to adults weighing more than 600 pounds. The most unique thing about the Turtle Farm is that this farm is the one and only farm of this kind in the world. The farm is dedicated to preserving and increasing the population of the rare and endangered species of turtles.

Additional information about Cayman Islands are listed on . Visit the page and learn more of what the island can offer!

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